About the Show

The All New Showcase (formerly 2 in 1 Showcase) is a semi-weekly network of podcasts focused on all things geek-centric. Blake M. Petit and his rotating crew of co-hosts come at you to talk about comic books, movies, television, novels, and any other topic of conversation you’d find yourself arguing about in your local comic book shop.


Blake PetitBlake “The Torchbearer” Petit

One of the original hosts of the Showcase, Blake M. Petit is a writer, English teacher and geek pundit from Ama, Louisiana. Chosen by the final Sentry of the Cosmos when the rest of the podcastsphere began to collapse, Blake has taken it upon himself to recruit a new corps of geeks to help him talk about the topics of most interest to us all, coming at you as frequently as he can to talk about comic book news, classic stories, review movies, chat about TV shows, and even hit you with the occasional burst of original fiction. Blake has self-published multiple novels, short stories, and collections of geek-centric nonfiction, all of which is available digitally, many of which are available in print. If you would purchase any of those works, it would make him feel a lot less silly about writing this biography in the third person.

Kenny FanguyKenny “The Fan Guy” Fanguy

The last of a bloody warrior race, Kenny Fanguy rose from the tearstained ashes of his many victims to join the outside world. Finding solace in anime, manga, and comic books, Kenny slowly learned the ways of the world. Unable to completely let go of his warrior instincts, Kenny built a Man-Cave in Houma, Louisiana, filling it with bladed weapons, clubs, firearms, and other items far too horrible to mention. Having acclimated to the ways of the Showcase, Kenny’s Man-Cave provides a valuable recording studio in the best of circumstances, while remaining ever-ready as the Zombie Apocalypse Preparation Shelter we all know it truly is should the need arise.

Kenny can be found on Facebook, as well as various forums and black market shopping sites currently under surveillance by the TSA.

Mike BellamyMike “Technodunce” Bellamy

Born in the year 436 B.C. in what would one day be Raceland, Louisiana, Mike was abducted by aliens early in his life. The extraterrestrial visitors soon decided to return him to Earth, but due to the time dilation effect, dropped him down in the year 1997, where he first met Blake, who was in the market for a butler at the time. Although Mike has had ample time to acclimate to modern society, he usually shuns any advanced technology, preferring vinyl records to iPods, outdoor grills to food processors, and cave paintings to 3-D movies. Mike doesn’t even actually know what a “podcast” is, and has no idea why the hell Blake keeps making him talk into a microphone all the time.

Mike can be contacted online at the Showcase Fighting Fitness Fraternity on Facebook or by sacrificing a goat to the mighty elder god B’thail.

IMG_4171Erin “Do I Need a Nickname?” Petit

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Erin grew up on a diet of hockey, horror movies and Stephen King, eventually reaching out to a writer-type she encountered on an internet forum who had similar interests. That nerd, one “Blake Petit” by name, flew to Pittsburgh (under his own power, no less) to meet her, and the rest is history. The two were be married in June 2014, at which point this bio was slightly rewritten.

Erin can be found as the Mayor of Blake’s House on Foursquare, or looking for something else to do whenever Blake says, “hey, sweetie, could you record a podcast with me tonight?”

Your Good Buddy Chase (Co-Host Emeritus)

In 2007, Chase Bouzigard came to his pal Blake Petit with plans to start a podcast that would be just like talking about comics with your friends in the shop. Over time, the scope of the podcast evolved and life intervened, with Chase having to step aside as regular co-host. Although the world has sent him off to the stars, fighting a neverending battle to save humanity from the forces of evil, the Showcase will always have a place in our hearts and an empty spot on the couch for our Good Buddy Chase.

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