Episode 139: Dracula and the Vampire’s Redemption

DraculaAs we roll into October, the Halloween Spooktacular is again upon us! The Showcase is undergoing some big changes this week, but Blake and Kenny sit down to talk about the immortal lord of the night, Count Dracula, from his classic movies, the legendary Tomb of Dracula comic, and his appearances in the DC Multiverse and elsewhere. The guys also talk about the rest of the Count’s vampire bretheren, some great vampire novels and comics from recent years, and desperately look for a way to save the Noble Nosferatu from being Twilight-ized. In the picks this week, Kenny goes with Blackest Night #3, and Blake takes the upcoming prose book Peter and Max: A Fables Novel. (Special thanks to Jacob Bascle for the Spooktacular Album Art we’ll be sporting all month!)

Download the episode

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