At the Movies Episode 55: Wonder Woman

After 76 years, the Showcasers are ready to talk about Wonder Woman. It’s getting rave reviews, but how does Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot’s entry into the DC Extended Universe stack up? Blake, Erin and Kenny talk about what makes this movie work so well.

And what’s cool this week? Erin is reading Jack Ketchum’s Offspring, Kenny is deep diving into Flash Season 3, and Blake recommends Wonder Woman Annual #1 and the Hulu documentary Batman & Bill.

At the Movies Episode 55: Wonder Woman

At the Movies Episode 4: Star Trek

Star Trek 2009It’s the number one movie in the country, and it’s setting franchise records all over, but the question everyone from Hollywood to the Klingon Empire has been asking is: what do the 2 in 1 Showcase geeks think of the new Star Trek movie? This week you get two reviews in one! First up, Blake, Mike, Kenny and Daniel give you a perspective from the moderate fans of the series. Then, buckle up as Chase flies solo on the hardcore fan’s opinion.

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