Episode 315: All-New All-Different Marvel

Last week, Marvel released their new slate of titles to follow Secret Wars. This week, Blake and Erin peruse the previews and talk about which ones look like they’ll be worth reading and which ones they’re probably going to pass on. And they also discuss the most important question: just how “all-new, all-different” does it really look like Marvel is getting?

And what’s cool this week? Blake is enjoying Bizarro #2 and Will Eisner’s The Spirit #1!

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

Episode 315: All-New All-Different Marvel

Episode 159: Viva Las Vegas!

Back in Vegas together, Blake and Erin get together for this week’s episode of the Showcase! The happy couple reviews a pair of new movies, including The Wolfman and Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, visit a trio of Vegas-area comic shops, and answer your questions about what there is to do in Vegas if you’re a geek like us! In the picks, Erin liked the novel Star Wars: Death Troopers and Blake gives a thumbs-up to Batgirl #7.

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Episode 69: Marvel Movie Blowout

Prepare yourself for the biggest 2 in 1 Showcase ever! With no less than five comic book movies coming out this summer and more planned for the fall, the Showcase boys decided to do a two-part episode talking about all the Marvel and DC movies to date. What neither of them expected was that both parts would be gargantuan. In this double-sized episode, the guys break down all of the Marvel films by franchise, debate the merits, and give their own rating of each and every one — and the discussion lasts longer than some of the movies! In this week’s picks, Blake loves the new Guardians of the Galaxy, while the conclusion of “Last Son of Krypton” makes Action Comics Annual Chase’s choice.

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