Episode 188: Looking For News

The guys get together in a particularly slow news week to discuss… whatever they can find. Kenny gives a review of the new Halo: Reach video game, Mike is loving Green Lantern, and Blake gives a shout out to Image’s new series Morning Glories — plus, we chat about the upcoming TV season, the delays in Superman, upcoming Lantern-related one-shots, the new CXPulp.com website, and more! You can even check out a snippet the upcoming play Blake is directing in this Facebook video. Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at Showcase@CXPulp!

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Episode 96: The Punisher

Amazing Spider-Man 129As the countdown to the huge episode 100 begins, Blake and Chase dish on Marvel’s archetypical vigilante Frank Castle, the Punisher. They delve into the characters’ history, some of their favorite stories, and the future. Then, after the episode, the guys check out the new Punisher: War Zone movie, and include their review at the end! In the picks this week, Chase liked the ending of Secret Invasion, and Blake has fallen in love with Love and Capes.

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