Episode 201: Mike Vs. Rankin and Bass

A few months ago, Mike “Technodunce” Bellamy made a horrifying confession: he’d never seen any of the classic Rankin & Bass Christmas specials in their entirety. This week, the Showcase boys set out to rectify that error, making Mike watch the classic TV specials Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town, The Year Without a Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, complete with our commentary on each one! In the picks, Kenny digs the Blu-Ray of The A-Team, while Blake goes with a double dose of Christmas Comics, Supergirl #59 and the graphic novel Amelia Rules!: A Very Ninja Christmas. Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at Showcase@CXPulp.com!

Music provided by the Music Alley from Mevio.

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Episode 52: John Byrne

Continuing our ongoing series about legends of the comic book artform, this week Chase and Blake talk about the universe-changing, highly entertaining and always controversial John Byrne. From his world-shaping work on X-Men, Fantastic Four and Superman to his upcoming work on Star Trek and FX, the guys talk about Byrne‘s career and pick their favorite John Byrne stories. Then, stick around for the picks, where the guys discuss Jim Shooter and Jamal Igle’s relaunch of Legion of Super-Heroes and a great new story arc beginning in Hack/Slash #7!

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