Episode 136: Our Top Five-Marvel Universe

Since the beginning of the Showcase, we’ve gotten e-mails from people who wanted us to come up with our all-time top ten comic books. We listened to your demand… and we decided to do it a little differently. We’re breaking up the world of comics into categories, and we’re going to do a top five list in each one. This week, Blake and Chase each select their all time top five Marvel Universe comics! In the picks this week, Chase went with Avengers: The Initiative #27, and Blake chooses Adventure Comics #2.

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Episode 126: Toy Talk

It’s one more Chase-less episode, so Blake, Mike, and Kenny spend this week discussing their favorite toy lines! From classics of our youth to hits of today, the guys chat about TransFormers, DC Direct, Marvel Universe, McFarlane, Voltron, Mini-Mates and everything in between! Blake even weaves the tale of how a review of the Marvel Zombie Mini-Mates got away from him. In the picks this week, Kenny chooses the first two issues of Killer of Demons, Blake chooses Detective Comics #854, Mike goes with Booster Gold #21, and the graphic novel pick is The Pro!

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