One-Shot #22: A Darwyn Cooke Tribute

Blake is back for a One-Shot he didn’t want to record. In this week’s mini-episode, we briefly discuss the passing of comic book great Darwyn Cooke and some of his greatest works. And what’s cool this week? Blake recommends you track down the collected editions of Cooke’s 12-issue run on The Spirit.

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

One-Shot #22: A Darwyn Cooke Tribute

Episode 58.5: Justice League-The New Frontier and More!

Justice League-The New FrontierIt’s time for another between-episode bonus, as both Chase and Blake give their thoughts on the new direct-to-DVD film Justice League: The New Frontier. The guys talk about the movie, the adaptation of Darwyn Cooke‘s work, and the DVD as a package. But that’s not all! Our heroes also talk about the new Zorro comic from Dynamite Entertainment, Blake gets a sneak peek of the upcoming DC/Minx graphic novel Burnout and Aardvark-Vanheim‘s Glamourpuss, and Subculture gets a new life.

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