Episode 168: Nola Comic-Con 2010

The second annual Nola Comic-Con was this weekend, and Blake and Mike spent the weekend walking the floor and talking to all the guests. Sit back and listen to conversations with Mike Rainwater of Garage Raja, Kurt Amacker of Dead Souls, current Deadpool and incoming X-Men writer Victor Gishler, the crew of the online Vampire RPG Bloodletting, Dom Ducote of the Pop Media Primecast, Vernon Smith from The Adventures of Dexter Breakfast and Return of the Lovin’ Dead, Kody Chamberlain of the upcoming Image murder mystery Sweets, artist Rob Guillory from the Eisner-Nominated Chew, TransFormers artist Robby Musso, and our old friends from Mass Casualty Comics!

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Episode 118.5: Nola Comic-Con 2009 Part Three

It’s time for the third and final part of our coverage of the 2009 NOLA Comic-Con! This week, the boys walk the convention floor to talk to R.J. Clark, creator of Vampire Brat, Kevin Johnson of Strange City Heroes, and legendary comic book inker John Dell. The guys also chat to some of the fans, a few vendors selling off chunks of their own personal collections, and wrap it up with a chat with convention organizer Ronnie Prudhomme.

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Episode 117.5: Nola Comic-Con 2009 Part Two

It’s time for part two of our three-part podcast from the floor of the 2009 NOLA Comic-Con! In this installment, the boys interview the publisher of Creeping Hemlock Press, the gang from Mass Casualty Comics, former Superman and Youngblood artist Derec Donovan, and creator of Dice Jockies, Charlie Brown! Come back in a few days for our Star Trek episode and review podcast, and next week, part three of the NOLA Comic-Con!

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Episode 116.5: Nola Comic-Con 2009 Part One

New Orleans is America’s party town, but can it host a comic convention? This weekend the Showcase boys descended on the 2009 NOLA Comic-Con to find out. Recording from the floor, the guys talk about the show, share stories of comic conventions of the past, and chat about comics in general. Then, before the clock runs out, they sit down for a conversation with the Star Wars collector club, the Red Stick Rebellion. The Red Stick guys are just the first interview on the plate, though — with a three-part convention episode, there’s going to be plenty more to share in part two!

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