Episode 267: The Lost Heroes

In all the frenzy over the big reveal about Alan Scott, nobody seems to be asking the question that’s on Blake’s mind… namely, will we ever see his children, Jade and Obsidian, again? Blake talks this week about the ranks of the Lost Heroes, those characters who have gone AWOL for one reason or another, and may never return. In the picks, he doubles up with Superman Family Adventures #1 and Grim Leaper #1. Don’t forget, we’re still taking votes for our upcoming top ten episodes featuring the greatest Avengers and Justice Leaguers of all time! Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at Showcase@CXPulp.com!

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

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Episode 73: Valiant Comics Reborn

It’s the episode Blake and Chase have been hoping to record for over ten years now! (That’s right. Even before podcasting existed.) The Valiant Universe — home of heroes such as Harbinger, X-O Manowar, Archer and Armstrong and Rai and the Future Force — is slowly making a return with new hardcover editions, and the promise of new comics to come. This week, the guys tell you their favorite Valiant stories, cross their fingers for the return for Magnus: Robot Fighter and Solar: Man of the Atom to the line, and explain how they would resurrect Valiant as a line of ongoing comics. In the picks this week, Blake cheers for the return of Firebreather and Chase is still in love with Green Lantern: Secret Origin.

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