Episode 98: Christmas Hooplah!

It’s only a few days until Christmas, folks. Before you hang up your stockings and put out cookies for Santa, have a seat with Blake and Chase as they talk about the holiday-themed comics that came out this year, as well as some of their favorite Christmas movies and TV specials. Chase regales us with the heartwarming story of how the Showcase crew saw Love, Actually together, the guys debate the merits of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, and everybody huddles around the virtual fire to talk about what we want for Christmas. In the picks this week, Blake cheers the greatest Junior Woodchucks Story Ever Told in Uncle Scrooge #383, and Chase cheers the return of the X-Men to the rest of the Marvel Universe in Uncanny X-Men #505.

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Episode 54: X-Men-Messiah Complex

X-Men-Messiah Complex 1The biggest X-Men crossover in years has reached its conclusion, and so this week, Blake and Chase talk about X-Men: Messiah Complex. The guys break down the crossover, talk about how it effected each of the four titles, and give their thoughts on the future of Uncanny X-Men, X-Men: Legacy, Young X-Men and X-Factor! In the picks this week, Chase loves Nova #10, while Blake gives love to the criminally underrated Blue Beetle.

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