One Shot #16: Geek Media Inventory

With the world around him determined to make everything into a competition, this week Blake refuses to play the game. Instead, he talks about the many, many comic book properties currently in development as TV shows and movies, and explains why — no matter what you feel about any project in particular — it’s all very, very good.

And what’s cool this week? The revelation in Justice League 3000 #4 has Blake downright intrigued.

You’re also all invited to join Blake’s latest adventures in Twitter-based humor @SurviveEnglishC.

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Showcase One-Shot #16: Geek Media Inventory

Episode 192: TV Talk 2010

The fall television season is about a month old, so the boys discuss the new slate of TV shows. What do they like? What are the surprise hits? And what shows have they given up on entirely? Some spoilers await herein. In the picks this week, Kenny loved Action Comics #893, Daniel has an… interesting time talking about The Royal Historian of Oz #2, and Blake is still in love with I, Zombie (specifically issue six). Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at Showcase@CXPulp!

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At the Movies Episode 16: Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 (3)The boys didn’t have time to record a regular episode this week, friends, but you’re not going Showcase-less! Blake, Mike, and Daniel took in Iron Man 2 last night, and today we offer up our on-the-spot thoughts. How was the movie? How was the recast War Machine? How were the new characters? And does it hold up to the original? The guys also discuss the new direction for Tony Stark in the recent Invincible Iron Man #25, and Blake works in a pick of the week, Vertigo‘s I, Zombie #1. PLUS: Blake also gives you a bonus sneak preview of a new project that he’s going to launch this summer, courtesy of the Evercast.

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