Episode 266: The Ultimate Villain Countdown

It’s time for another Showcase Countdown! This week, the boys each give their own top ten lists for the greatest villains of all time, then count down the ultimate list as voted on by the Showcase listeners. Tune in to find out whose villainy takes the top prize! In the picks, Mike goes with Superman #8, Kenny takes Aquaman #8, and Blake praises Fantastic Four #506.1. Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at Showcase@CXPulp.com!

Music provided by Music Alley from Mevio.

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Episode 51: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

BuffySeason1Recently, Chase and his wife Jenny made a terrifying discovery: Blake never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So, with the help of Blake‘s girlfriend Erin, the Buffy fans sit him down for a marathon of the best episodes. The gang also talks about the new Buffy Season Eight series, the Angel and Spike comics, and the future of the Buffyverse as a whole! Join the guys and their girls for one of the most fun episodes they’ve ever recorded! In the picks this week, Chase cheers for The Ressurection of Ra’s Al Ghul and Blake gives a thumbs-up to the return of Hero By Night.

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