At the Movies Episode 29: The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight RisesIt’s gonna get all spoiler-tastic up in here! Blake and Erin caught the Dark Knight Trilogy last night, and after a few minutes of discussing the latest Batman film, they give up and get into specifics. Spoiler Warnings are in effect for their review of the conclusion of Christopher Nolan‘s trilogy. Contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at

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Episode 216.5: Blake Can’t Talk

After a week of throatal-type symptoms, Blake’s voice is shot, friends, and unable to talk he won’t be able to record a 2 in 1 Showcase podcast. BUT — that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to listen to this week! Earlier in the week, he joined the good folks of Flying Island Press for an episode of the Galley Table podcast, in which they discuss writing comic books and the challenge of bringing superheroes out of comics into novels, movies, and television. It’s a great conversation with some really creative guys, so be sure to give it a listen. Blake and (hopefully) the gang will be back next week. In the meantime, you can contact us with comments, suggestions, or anything else at!

The Galley Table Episode 31: Translating Comics

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Episode 99: 2008-The Year in Review

2008 ends in just days, folks, so let’s go out with a Showcase blowout! Joined by back-up geeks Mike and Kenny, the boys announce the winners of the Best of 2008 awards, as voted on by you! Then, it’s a long talk about everything that happened in comics in 2008! The Dark Knight, the rise of Marvel Studios, Diamond refuses to distribute Hack/Slash, Archie goes back to ninth grade, and a heck of a lot more. This double-sized episode is the longest Showcase ever (we promise we won’t make a habit of it)! And instead of our usual picks of the week, stay tuned as our four guys pick their favorite comic books of the entire year! Next week will be the 100th Episode Spectacular! If you’ll be in the New Orleans area on Friday, Jan. 2 at about 4:30 p.m., stop in at BSI Comics to join the guys as they record their centennial episode!

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Episode 95: Best of 2008 Nominations

The year is almost over, friends, so it’s time for Blake and Chase to make their nominations for the best in comics for 2008! Listen to the guys discuss their choices, and then e-mail your votes in. One randomly-chosen voter will recieve a prize package from BSI Comics. Votes must be received by December 26, 2008, to be counted in time for their announcement in our end-of-the-year spectacular!

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The nominees are:

Best Ongoing Series:
Action Comics
Green Lantern
The Walking Dead

Best Miniseries or One-Shot:
Franklin Richards: Sons of Geniuses
Justice Society of America Kingdom Special: Superman
Secret Invasion
Superman: New Krypton Special

Best Storyline:
Action Comics: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes
Batman Confidential: The Bat and the Cat
Fables: War and Pieces
The Lone Ranger: Scorched Earth

Best New Series:
Flash Gordon
Guardians of the Galaxy
Incredible Hercules
Secret Six

Best Writer or Writing Team:
Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Ed Brubaker
Geoff Johns
Greg Pak

Best Artist or Art Team:
Mark Buckingham
Gary Frank
Mike McKone
Nicola Scott

Title Deserving of Wider Recognition:
PS 238
Uncle Scrooge

Best Genre TV Series:
Battlestar Galactica
Stargate: Atlantis

Best Genre Motion Picture:
The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Quantum of Solace

The Next Big Thing:
Blue Lanterns
The Legion of Super-Heroes
Star Trek
The Wizard of Oz

Favorite Geek:
Mike Bellamy
Chase Bouzigard
Kenny Fanguy
Blake Petit

Episode 79: Showcase Tangent 4-San Diego So Far

Once again, the boys come at us with a special Showcase Tangent, in which any and all topics are up for grabs! The guys start by picking apart all of the news that’s come from this year’s San Diego Comicon so far! Mark Waid writing The Incredibles? Disney is making a Tron 2? Johns, Robinson and Gates on Superman: New Krypton? Will Blake ever see sunlight again after DC Universe Online is released? Plus, even more thoughts on The Dark Knight, Chase reviews The X-Files: I Want to Believe, and the guys make a BIG announcement about the next Showcase special project! Then, there’s plenty of time to answer your e-mails! Chase doesn’t have a pick this week, but Blake tells you about the coolness of Archie #587.

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Episode 78.5: Blake and Erin’s Dark Knight/Gotham Knights Review

?????????????????????????????Blake and Erin hit you with a double-dose review of the animated feature Batman: Gotham Knight and the blockbuster hit The Dark Knight. This is a spoiler-filled review, so if you haven’t seen the movie, pay attention when you’re given the spoiler warning!

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Episode 77: The Joker and the Dark Knight

Batman 11One of the most feverishly-anticipated films of the summer hits next week, so this week Blake and Chase give their thoughts on the Batman‘s greatest enemy, the Joker! The guys dissect what makes the Clown Prince of Crime such a great character, talk about their favorite Joker stories, and talk about what they’re hoping for out of Heath Ledger and The Dark Knight. Also, Chase puts out a call to action — visit Kungaloosh Forever to help save Disney’s Adventurer’s Club! In the picks, Blake‘s girlfriend Erin turns him on to Love and Capes, while Chase is still full of love for Action Comics #867.

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Episode 70: DC Comics Movie Blowout

How else could we follow up the longest Showcase podcast ever? With the second longest Showcase podcast ever! Last week, Chase and Blake took apart ever Marvel Comics movie to date, and this week, they do the same for DC. Everything from Superman and the Mole Men and the Adam West Batman to looks ahead at The Dark Knight and Watchmen is part of this giant-size episode. In the picks this week, Chase cheers for Franklin Richards: Not-So-Secret Invasion #1, while Blake is stunned at how Supergirl has become a must-read comic.

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Episode 65: Summer Movie Blowout

So Blake is out of town and has left Chase all alone in the Secret Lair, and things get a little out of hand as Chase Rambles on about this summer’s biggest blockbusters. He also Lets you in on some of his favorite TV shows (LOST, BSG, DOCTOR WHO). ON the Comic Book Front he points out two books to avoid and he makes 3 Picks of the week.

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